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CXGMC-E intelligent concrete specimen geometric deviation measuring instrument
Product Usage:
Mainly used for measuring the length, width, height, angle between adjacent surfaces, and flatness of compressive testing surfaces of concrete specimens, with information input function.

Meets standards:
GB/T 50081-2019 Standard Test Methods for Physical and Mechanical Properties of Concrete

Main features:
1. Measurable size 150mm × 150mm × 150mm or 100mm × 100mm × 100mm concrete specimens;
2. Push the specimen to the designated position on the measurement platform through a cylinder, automatically adjust the placement position of the specimen, and perform positioning;
3. By combining a high pixel camera with an automatic turntable, images of the four planes of the specimen are collected, accurately obtaining information such as the three-dimensional dimensions of the specimen, the angle between adjacent faces, and flatness. The measurement data is accurate and reliable;
4. It can complete the measurement of concrete specimens with just one click, making the operation convenient and fast, improving work efficiency;
5. Through the PLC central control system, the equipment can achieve automatic measurement, calibration, judgment, and transmission, with convenient operation and high testing efficiency;
6. Support data synchronization upload, achieve data query and traceability, and ensure the authenticity of test results.

Technical parameters: