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CXIC-V intelligent concrete impermeability tester
ain purpose:
Suitable for testing the impermeability performance of concrete, with simple operation and reliable results, it can automatically seal, detect, judge, and demould.

Meet standards:
GB/T 50082-2019 Standard Test Methods for Long term Performance and Durability of Ordinary Concrete
DL/T 5150-2001 Test Code for Hydraulic Concrete

Main features:
1. Five sets of tests (30 specimens) are independent of each other, saving time and efficiency
2. Small footprint, high space utilization, no foundation installation, easy to place
3. Ergonomic design, suitable height for specimen placement, reducing labor intensity, and improving work efficiency
4. 21.5-inch large-sized touch screen, beautiful and atmospheric, easy to operate
5. Adopting automatic sealing method, after placing the test block, the test can be conducted directly
6. Adopting mechanical locking, with high safety performance
7. Equipped with test block detection function, automatically determining the presence or absence of test blocks
8. Automatic detection function for minimal water seepage
9. Can be left unattended 24 hours a day, reducing labor costs
10. It can automatically generate test reports, directly export raw data, and has the function of automatically uploading data to the internet
11.You can view the current experimental situation and results in real-time through the mobile WeChat mini program, and query the experimental results of each group
12.Warning and alarm information can be viewed in a list, or detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the list

Technical parameters: