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CXYAW-300S microcomputer controlled full-automatic cement bending and compression machine

Product use:

This product is mainly used for testing the flexural and compressive strength of building materials, laboratory cement, mortar, concrete and other building materials.

ZL 201721260185.5 A New Type of Bending and Compression Testing Machine
ZL 201930466180.6 Pressure testing machine (CXYAW-300S)

Main features:

1. The machine adopts 220V AC, effectively solving the problems of no industrial power supply or unstable voltage of industrial power supply for users.

2. According to the principle of human engineering and the national human energy, the frame structure of the testing machine is designed innovatively. The test process is easy to operate, the test results are accurate, and the comfort and simplicity of the test operators are greatly improved. The appearance of the model has obtained the national patent.

3. Adopt the perfect combination of servo motor and ball screw, mute and efficient loading system.

4. The heat release and energy consumption of the testing machine are greatly reduced, which is more than 30% energy saving compared with the similar testing machines on the existing market.

5. Greatly reduce the working noise of the testing machine. The no-load noise of the testing machine shall be controlled below 40dB, and the noise shall be controlled below 55dB when the machine is loaded.

6. The tester adopts double precision ball screw and high-precision servo motor drive as 300KN and 10kN compression control power and control unit to realize double working positions at the same time.

7. Dual load sensor is selected as the acquisition unit with good acquisition stability. The resolution of force value is high (up to 1 / 300000), which greatly improves the accuracy of testing results of the testing machine and makes the testing accuracy of the testing machine reach 0.5 level.

8. The controller of the testing machine adopts the high-speed sensor acquisition and control technology and the network data flow solution.

9. The test control system adopts 50Hz acquisition and control frequency, which effectively guarantees the authenticity of data and the control accuracy of the test machine.

10. The test control system adopts the Ethernet communication interface supporting 100MHz, which ensures the stability of communication. With the support of Internet, the test machine has the ability of remote control, and supports multiple devices to share a main control computer.

11. The test software is simple and powerful.

12. The test software supports the simultaneous control of compression and bending resistance of the testing machine, which can greatly provide the use efficiency of the equipment.

13. The test software has an open test standard library mode, and operators can add standards as required to meet the test requirements.

14. It has many auxiliary functions such as operation guide, error alarm and online help.

15. It has different levels of authority management functions to meet the multi role management requirements of the laboratory.

16. Support personalized setting of test report, and test data can be directly exported to excel document.

17. The test software has a data upload interface with domestic mainstream networking companies.

18. The controller of the testing machine supports the remote program upgrade function and can meet the diversified needs of customers in a timely manner.

Technical parameters:



Maximum test force

Compression resistance300kn

 Folding resistance10kn

measuring range


Relative error of force indication


Test force resolution


Control loading rate range

Compression resistance0.05-10KN/S

Folding resistance0.1-200N/S

Loading rate error


Ball screw stroke

Compression resistance120mm

Folding resistance150mm

Distance between upper and lower pressing plates


Motor power


Overall dimension of main engine


Host weight