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CXYAW-E microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure testing machine

Main purpose:

This product is mainly used for testing and analyzing the compressive strength of concrete and testing the compressive strength of refractory brick and other materials.

Product features:

1. Frame structure, good toughness and rigidity.

2. Adopt the way of no bolt connection to increase the stability of the machine.

3. Adopt the design without base, no need to connect the oil pipe, and the operation is more convenient.

4. The touch screen and keyboard are integrated to meet the preferences of different technicians.

5. According to the principle of ergonomics, the test process is easy to operate.

6. The test space is adjusted by the cushion block, the space width is increased, the concrete elastic modulus can be operated, and there is no visual block when reading the dial indicator, which is more convenient and quick.

Technical parameters: