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CXYAW-SX series microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo press

Main purpose:

The pressure testing machine is a kind of testing machine suitable for all kinds of compression loading, which can be used to test the compressive strength and elastic modulus of various high-strength concrete, cement components, rocks and other engineering building materials. The accuracy error of the test force indication is less than ± 0.5%, which is characterized by good rigidity, high precision, simple and easy to use.

Product features:

1. Frame structure is adopted, with good rigidity and zero deformation.

2. C3 class high-precision spoke type weighing sensor is adopted, which is not affected by air temperature, with high precision, good stability and good output linearity.

3. The suspension type large diameter spherical seat is designed with advanced grinding technology. The surface roughness is 0.2 μ m, and the surface coincidence is more than 95%.

4. High performance two-way oil cylinder, fast oil return speed, zero leakage, good linearity.

5. The test space is large, and the distance between upper and lower pressure plates is 115-450mm, which is convenient for test expansion, verification and calibration.

6. The imported silent internal meshing gear pump and oil source system differential pressure follow-up technology are adopted to reduce the noise and control the temperature rise of hydraulic oil better, so as to ensure the normal temperature of hydraulic oil under the normal working condition of 24 hours a day, with the advantages of small volume, light weight and stable performance.

7. It has rich fixture tooling, deformation measurement and other accessories, which can meet various needs of customers.

8. The whole machine adopts spray molding technology, which is wear-resistant, dirt resistant and easy to clean.

9. The force measuring cabinet adopts a novel embedded design, which can bear a voltage range of 85-250v and has stronger anti-interference performance.

10. It adopts touch screen and keyboard dual control mode, with neat and beautiful appearance, meeting the preferences of different technicians.

11. Using Windows system control software, the elastic modulus E can be calculated automatically.

12. The microcomputer is used for automatic data acquisition and processing as well as synchronous screen display of test data and test curve.

13. The test curve can be locally enlarged and multi curve superposition comparison can be carried out.

14. It is driven by servo motor, with high control accuracy, ultra quiet and low energy consumption.

Technical parameters: